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Captains & First Officers

flyEgypt is seeking to recruit experienced Captains and First Officers to operate our Boeing 737 fleet.

  • Minimum 500 hours total time on type for First officers.
  • Minimum 1000 hours total time on type for Captains.
  • Last flight on B737 within the past 12 months.
  • Maximum 55 years of age for Captains.
  • Maximum 35 years of age for First officers
  • Valid B737 type rating.
  • Approved Class 1 Medical.
  • Minimum English Language Proficiency level 4.
  • Final exemption or release from military service.
  • Educational Certificates: A minimum of high school or higher.
  • Egyptian nationality.
Location Sheraton

Flight Attendant

Check cabin before take-off to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Give the “safety” presentation in a well-prepared manner. Welcome travelers on board and help them to their seats when necessary. Understand the duties of the assigned position during flight. Ensure the satisfaction of passengers by answering questions and offering them assistance. Monitor the cabin frequently for the entire duration of the flight. Adhere to established regulations and procedures. Remain calm and offer assistance to passengers in the event of an emergency. Give particular attention to passengers with special needs (children, disabled, elders etc.) Prepare accurate reports concerning any significant issues. Serve food and beverages and sell products.

Compensation and Benefits: Competitive Salary. Flying Hours, Per Diem, Medical & Social Insurance, Transportation.

Location Sheraton

Revenue and Yield Optimization Manager

  1. Monitor Pricing Structure and fare levels of network with competitive action to meet Revenue and Load factor targets.
  2. Monitor route performance and liaise with sales team to ensure revenue targets.
  3. Analyze data to identify booking indication, ancillary product performance to take proactive measures to enhance revenue streams.
  4. Ensure revenue integrity controls are in place to prevent losses due to low booking.
  5. Develop new destinations for new opportunities.
  6. Develop Standard Operating Procedures and policies for all key revenue optimization.
  7. Coordinate the workforce to best use employees’ talents.
  8. Staff training to form a second decision-making team.
  9. Enhance the feedback culture.
  10. Build a clear vision to train and keep talented staff and listen to their needs.
  11. Embrace the variety of talent within the team.
  12. Build Pricing Strategy.
  13. Create a clear strategy for training and retaining talented employees and listening to their requirements.
Location Sheraton